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Wonderful pictures! loved the b&W the best.
Valarie Marinaro(non-registered)
Just another amazing thing about you...love the site.
Matthew Gibbon(non-registered)
Wow kiddo! Very cool site.
Carey Isbell(non-registered)
I love all the pics of my sweet Taylor! They mean so much to me and are amazing :) Your pics are fantastic! Love the site!
David Lampkins Photography
Looks great, Melanie! Congrats on getting your site going. Wishing you lots of success!
Rebecca Benz(non-registered)
You did a great job, thank you!
I look so beautiful in every picture!!!
Lyn Z(non-registered)
The pics of Taylor are wonderful. You capture so many aspects of her personality. And that's not easy with a two year old! Thank you, as always.
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